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Blair Barnhardt


We have nothing but praise for Mr. Barnhardt and his team, Blair is clearly and expert in his line of work, and helped our HOA to spend our money in the best manner while providing us with the best long term life cycle.  I would highly recommend him and his firm.

Joe Dietrich, Chairman, Construction Committee, the Woodlands HOA
Blair Barnhardt is the man with the recycling/paving/concrete solutions to your neighborhood problems no matter how unique the challenge!!  I have known Blair for several years and have always been intrigued with the innovative solutions he has found to repair our infrastructure.  No matter how unique the challenge; may it be a project needed tomorrow, an emergency, or a long term life cycle plan and budget, Blair and his team of experts step up to the challenge and produce the requisite repairs quickly and efficiently!!  As a former Home Owners Association President, I know the value of having a “go-to-person”, and Blair is exactly that!  If you need a personal or company reference, please call me at 770-427-3154.

Tom Rocca, President, KPI Group, LLC