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Blair Barnhardt


(2004) I would like to take the opportunity to express my personal thanks to you...for the work you and all your people have done on all four of the reconstruction contracts we here at the City of Roswell have let over the past 3 years.  We were extremely pleased with all facets of your crews work.  Your company has taken on jobs that could have become nightmarish and handled them with the utmost professionalism.  As you are aware I have been a great supporter of the expanded asphalt process.  With you and your companies help and support during these difficult projects we were able to accomplish what would have been unthinkable in construction.  We kept traffic moving despite having an ADT of 20,000.  You have held our hands and walked us through the projects and have taught us a great deal.  The price alone was a great reason to use expanded asphalt, but we here know that we now have a way of providing a cost effective way to build roads that will last well beyond just patching and resurfacing.  We especially love that we can do construction while the road remains open to traffic.  We at the City of Roswell are confident that this process is the future of road maintenance in the Southeaster United States.

John Indrunas, Construction Supervisor
City of Roswell Website
(2005)  The City of Canton initially bid the reconstruction of the Brown Industrial Parkway.  The initial bid was for 13,901 SY of road construction.  Comparing the conventional method of remove and replace to full depth reclamation (FDR), the cost of the conventional method was approximately 45% higher.  During the final design, the scope of the project increased by 50% to 28,309 SY; and curb and gutter and storm drain structures were added to a portion of the project.  Even with the increase in the scope of the project the CIty was able to complete the reconstruction of Brown Industrial Parkway plus Etowah Industrial Court and save approximately 28% of the original estimated project cost....using FDR with injected foamed asphalt, they were able to complete the job in a timely manner with no road closing and limited traffic delay.  I have been more than pleased with the finished product.  I am convinced that this process is a cost effective and proven means of road rehabilitation.

Larry C. Wilson, Director of Public Works, City of Canton, GA
City of Canton Website
(2005) I would like to take this opportunity to comment on the foamed asphalt full depth reclamation (FDR) of 3.8 miles of Barnett Shoals Road that...was performed this past fall.  The work was performed in a professional manner and with a sense of urgency that resulted in the road being reclaimed and paved within 2 weeks.  Foamed asphalt full depth reclamation was selected over traditional asphalt patching methods due to its competitive cost and the increased strength of the road base which we feel will result in a longer lasting road.  Another reason for the selection of foamed asphalt FDR was that the road was able to remain open to traffic (although restricted) throughout the FDR process.

Dan Wilson, PE, Assistant County Engineer, Oconee County, GA
Oconee County Website
(2005) Your full depth reclamation process, as well as your expanded asphalt application, has worked wonders on projects that would have cost more than double with a standard application.  In one instance, the expanded asphalt application was utilized in a situation where engineers were specifying not an asphalt installation but a 12" depth of poured concrete, and years later the asphalt is still holding up perfectly under ernormous loads...I feel that I can trust your expertise and know that my projects will be handled with the utmost professionalism.  I never doubt that the end result will be one that I will be satisfied with for years to come.

Erika A. Plumer, Senior Property Manager, Spectrum Cauble
(2005) I would like to thank you and your associates for the recently completed Edgefield County Roadway Rehabilitation Project that we completed together in South Carolina.  As you know, approximately four miles of existing stone roadways were stabilized using soil cement mixed into the existing stone subbase and weak, clay subgrade.  Our paving crews then followed your preparatory work with a 2" asphalt surface and finished the shoulders with topsoil and grass.  These roads are performing fantastically!  The County and its citizens are very pleased with the finished product and the Engineer has mentioned that this will be a yearly, competitively bid project.  This process has become the standard for their work.

Greg Beam, President, Beam's Contracting
Beam's Contracting Website