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Blair Barnhardt


(2004)  Dear Blair, I want to thank you...for working so well with APAC-Southeast Georgia Division this past year.  We worked together on two significant sized projects, namely Hope Lumber and City of Gainesville 2004 Annual have been a pleasure to work have been personalble, professional, and have kept us informed on the projects.  Our impression on both projects was that the customer was well satisfied with the work.  The fact that the City of Gainesville is adding the reclamation process to their annual schedule is a tribute to the work your company has done for them.

Keith Faust, VPNorthside Area Manager - APAC-Southeast
(2004)  Dear Blair, it has been a while since you sent me a fax on June 21, 2000 as a sales promotion of your product.  Most of the time I usually throw things like that in the trash, but; this caught my attention, and I called the number.  As you remember we had one road that was potholed so bad you couldn't miss one without hitting another, some area's looked like a wet sponge when you watched the trucks loaded or unloaded go over the road area.  The road was one of the most heaviset traveled roads in the City, for example, concrete trucks, asphalt trucks and grading equipment operators.  The base just would not hold up to the loads that were being placed on them.  We set up an appointement for you to come down and meet with Tommy Smith (Street Department Superintendent) and myself, we showed you the road and you said that reclaiming would be the answer.

Blair showed us some locations that they had already completed and we were impressed with the product.  After checking references and asking lots of questions wheter to try it or not, the City signed a contract for one mile of reclamation with foamed asphalt.  After reclaining, they test rolled and touched up the remaining failures.  Because of the very heavy loads, we placed two inches of binder on the reclaim, waited six months, checked binder, no failures.  We resurfaced the road with two inches of Super Pave and to this date we have no cracking, pumping alligatoring, or slippage at intersections.  We have used this reclamation on rural and curb and gutter sections ahd haven't had to go back to do repairs.  Thank you for that first fax, the friendship, courteous workes and workmanship.  Looking forward to doing more business with you!

William (Billy) T. Skinner, Engineering Manager, City of Covington
City of Covington Website
(2001)  Dear Blair, this letter is to thank you very much for all of your hard work in assisting the Georgia Department of Transportation with their recent Subgrade, Base and Paving Workshops.  Your presentations during our Workshops were well presented in a most professional and informative manner, and were well received based on the comments from those attending.  I could not have been more pleased with your performance and will not hesitate to request your assistance in the future.  If I can be of any assitance to you please do not hesitate to call me at (404) 363-7630.  Once again, thak you very much.

Dwane E. Lewis, Materials & Research Base Stabilization Engineer
GDOT Website
Wayne (Jones) and Blair, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the Asphalt Pavement Recycling Technologies course that I audited over the past couple of days in Dover.  The course material was excellent and the instruction was top-notch.  Not only that, but the two of you obviously have a good time teaching the course and it shows in how you deliver the material and make it interesting and enjoyable for the participants...thanks again for the great course and a job well done!

John Duval, Field Engineer, Asphalt Institute
Asphalt Institute
(2006) Wayne (Jones) and Blair, you guys obviously make a great teaching team!  These marks, both on the individual instructors and the collective course, are truly outstanding.  Thanks for your outstanding work!

Mark Buncher, Ph. D., P.E., Director, Field Engineering, Asphalt Institute
Asphalt Institute Website