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Blair Barnhardt

Pavement Preservation

Blair Barnhardt has has the good fortune to travel across America from Alaska to Florida to teach state DOTs about asphalt recycling and pavement preservation.  During that time, he also learned volumes about what state DOTs and owner agencies are doing to save money using these techniques.  By combining a good pavement management program with pavement preservation an owner agency can extend the service life of their infrastructure thereby eliminating costly full depth repairs down the road.

For example, in Blair’s travels across the country he heard an outstanding testimonial at the ISSA workshop in Las Vegas 2010.  Mr. William Robertson, the director of public works for the largest municipal street system in the Nation, Los Angeles,  told us how he used Micro PAVER, asphalt recycling and pavement preservation techniques to increase their network’s PCI rating for the first time since 1952.  In the first year alone they saved 5 million dollars and overall they are saving 50% compared to conventional rehabilitation methods.  For a more detailed explanation of their endeavors, click here.

Some of the treatments available for asphalt pavement preservation are the following:

One thing we know for sure, FHWA has stated that it costs less in the long run to preserve a road with pavement preservation than it costs to rebuild them when they wear out.  That is why when Blair opens the classroom, he asks his students “Do you change the engine oil in your car?”.  It seems we use preventative maintenance in all aspects of our lives except our asphalt pavements.