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Blair Barnhardt

MicroPAVER & StreetSaver

In order to prevent costly repairs, owner agencies with a good pavement infrastructure need to start a pavement management system (PMS) as soon as possible. They need a means to inventory their pavement infrastructure, assess its current and projected condition, determine budget needs to maintain the pavement condition above an acceptable threshold level, identify work requirements, prioritize projects, and optimize spending of maintenance funds.

While there are many choices for agencies in terms of distress evaluation, The Barnhardt Group has chosen to use either MicroPAVER or StreetSaver software for their firm. The choice is up to the agency to decide depending on their interface preference. Unlike other companies, TBG has the expertise to offer the latest in pavement preservation and asphalt recycling technologies to ensure significant savings in the evaluation process. Typically, an agency can expect to save 30% or more of their infrastructure budget by implementing these techniques. In short, the small cost incurred for the services provided by TBG will still lead to thousands of dollars in savings over years to come. We currently provide this service to cities, counties, and home owners associations across America.

Pavement networks must now be managed, not simply maintained. MicroPAVER software is marketed to cities and counties across America by American Public Works Association (APWA). It was also invented by the U.S. Army Center for Public Works. A PMS, like MicroPAVER, is a valuable tool that alerts the pavement manager to the critical point in a pavement’s life cycle. Historically, most pavement engineers have been trained to work at the project level. However, top management is now demanding budget projection that considers the agency’s entire network before projects are prioritized and executed.

The staff at The Barnhardt Group have been professionally trained by Scott McDonald from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, one of the foremost authorities on MicroPAVER. The TBG Staff can acurately determine the current infrastructure asset value and evaluate your pavement distress on a network level basis and report back to your agency the pavement condition index (PCI) ratings, and provide you with the most economical and innovative approach to maintenance and repair. We can also evaluate your agencies concrete curbs and sidewalks. It is not uncommon for us to save a small City upwards of a million dollars over a 10 year work plan.

Whether its an entire city, a large home owners association, or a small parking lot, everybody utilizing our service will save thousands. We will show you how to take your largest infrastructure investment and preserve it over time. Our staff is dedicated to staying current with the latest MicroPAVER software upgrades and the most innovative pavement preservation techniques.