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Blair Barnhardt


It seems that lately everyone is talking about “Going Green”.  In the asphalt recycling industry, we have been “Going Green” for over a decade.  Blair Barnhardt is a pioneer in the asphalt recycling industry and has traveled across the country from Florida to Alaska teaching State DOTS asphalt recycling and pavement preservation techniques.  Here are the facts: an asphalt recycling program, combined with a good pavement management system, a network evaluation and rating system, and a systematic strategy for in-place recycling, any American city, county, property manager, or home owners association can rehabilitate up to 3 times as many roads compared to traditional methods.

For example, Santa Ana, California recently completed a network pavement evaluation.  Their residential system was rated at a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) of 47.  Utilizing conventional methods, they thought they would need 300 million dollars and 5 years to rehabilitate all their roads back up to a PCI of 100.  They quickly realized by using asphalt recycling and pavement preservation techniques they could accomplish the same goal over a 3 year period,  while saving 228 million dollars.  For a video testimonial from the city engineer of Santa Ana, click here.

The Asphalt Recycling & Reclaiming Association (ARRA) breaks asphalt recycling into five broad categories:

One thing is for certain, no matter which discipline you choose, your owner agency is guaranteed to save up to 2/3 of your budget with asphalt recycling.

In recent years, a process known as soil stabilization has also gained popularity so it is included as a 6th category.  To learn more about the specifics of each category, click through the toolbar at the top of your screen.