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Blair Barnhardt

About TBG

Mission Statement:

“This firm exists to consult, train and educate others in order that they too may reap the benefits of the green asphalt pavement recycling & pavement preservation processes that are available to all but known to few.”

Company Goals and Objectives:

The Goal of Mr. Barnhardt and his firm is to consult, educate and guide anyone in the world who is willing to implement green pavement recycling and pavement preservation technologies that will ultimately provide the owner with tremendous savings and expeditious construction.  If along the way the firm discovers others means of consultation or information sharing that can aid their clientele they will respond quickly to those requests and aim high with their delivery levels.  The chief objective of the firm is to provide the highest level of education for their client while growing a prosperous company for its employees.  The firm will seek clients that are not aware of the savings available to them

Blair's class of Korean Delegates at NHI headquarters

Blair's class of Korean Delegates at NHI headquarters

by utilizing the latest innovations in green pavement recycling and pavement preservation technology.

In addition to consulting, educating and Micro PAVER pavement distress evaluation, our firm also has a handful of retained industry clients who can provide turn-key services for any size project.  In addition our staff is also available on a daily or weekly basis to manage and/or inspect your project.

Leading Staff:

Blair Barnhardt, CEO

Why Preserve & Recycle?

Pavement Preservation Curve 1

Put simply, it saves money.  As seen by the charts to the right, pavement condition declines slowly initially and then more rapidly as it begins to wear down.  In order to get the most out of your roads it is best to use preventive maintenance before the repair costs get to high.  Generally, with preventive maintenance, the service life of the road can be extended thereby eliminating more expensive rehabilitation and reconstruction techniques.  A 30 minute meeting with The Barnhardt Group will save your agency 30% of next years road rehabilitation budget.Pavement Preservation Curve 2